Service Request for Repair

If you need printer repair service for your Godex, Microplex-usa or IntelliTech printer, please complete the Service Request Form.

Once Technical Support receives your online form, you will be emailed a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number that will authorize you to return your printer to IntelliTech. Under no circumstances will IntelliTech accept returns without an RMA number. Unauthorized returns will be refused at the dock and returned to the sender at their expense.

Service Request Form


Once you have an RMA number, you need to ship the printer to the following address:

IntelliTech International, Inc.

RMA #________

94 Jackson Road, Section #208

Devens, MA 01434

PH: 978 212 7200 x213

Remember to remove the labels and ribbons from inside the printer before shipping.

You must ship the return to IntelliTech in its original shipping carton. If you do not have your original shipping carton, we can provide ship one to you at a minimal charge.

For non-warranty repairs, you must pay shipping and insurance for both directions, to IntelliTech and the return to you.

For warranty and service agreement repairs, when you ship to IntelliTech, you must prepay shipping charges and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment. When IntelliTech ships to you, IntelliTech pays the shipping and insurance charges. If you wish to have IntelliTech ship the printer other than ground service, you will be responsible for the difference in shipping fees.

Before shipping, please remove the labels and ribbons loaded in the printer. If, however, you are requested to return labels, please package the labels separately from the printer. Failure to follow these shipping precautions will cause damage to the printer, for which you will be responsible.

For M88 printers, please remove the ribbon spindles and secure them inside the printer. Failure to follow these shipping precautions will cause damage to the printer, for which you will be responsible.

Only: GoDEX Desktop and Industrial printers have a manufacturer's warranty for 3 years and Mobile printers 2 years - from date of purchase.

Service Report

When IntelliTech receives your printer, if your printer is not under warranty or an IntelliTech is printer not under an IntelliTech service contract, Technical Support will email you a detailed service report describing the repair work to be done and the repair cost. If you do not proceed with the repair, a minimum one-hour labor charge of $95 will be charged to you along with shipping. IntelliTech still offers annual Standard Service Contracts if your printer is out of warrranty or the contract. Renew prior to expiration to avoid a pre-inspection before new contract assignment.