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IntelliBar Mi Series Internal Rewinder

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IntelliBar Mi Series Internal Rewinder
IntelliBar Mi Series Internal Rewinder

The IntelliBar Mi Internal Rewinder option provides convenient label handling after printing.  Print, peel-off and hand-apply labels while rewinding label backing paper, or print and rewind short-run batches of printed media for application at another time and place.

Manual advance peel-off is standard.

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[Requires Factory Installation]

Rewind mode: After printing, the printed labels remain on the liner and are rewound inside the printer for application at another time or location.

Manual advance peel-off mode: After printing a single label, the label is mostly peeled off from the liner but remains attached to it by a small amount, the operator takes the label and then manually prompts the printer to print the next label in the print job.  Liner is rewound inside the printer.

The rewinder accepts a full 8 in/203 mm roll of media liner only, or 3.5 in/90 mm outside diameter roll of printed media. 


  • Mounts inside printer, which maintains a small footprint.
  • Keeps labels neat and clean.
  • Keeps printed labels or label backing organized within the printer.
  • Provides a simple solution for rewinding printed labels into an easily handled roll.