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Case Study: Manufacturing

Mooney Farms Prints Food Shipping Labels

Mooney Farms

Shipping Label Case Study

IntelliTech International

Mooney Farms is a family owned business located in Chico, California. For the past twenty five years they have been one of the leaders in sun dried tomatoes and packed in olive oil. With partnerships around the globe, Mooney Farms is able to process enough sun dried tomatoes to produce over 75 different items under more than

Challenge: The need to use multiple barcode symbologies while shipping products.

Solution: The IntelliBar printer which works with varying barcode symbologies.

Results: Saving time with a more efficient printer and shipping process for over 15 years.

50 brands including the Bella Sun Luci house brand and accounting for more than 90% of the premium olive oil packed products in the United States. Mooney Farms success has created more than a 1000 jobs in America alone throughout  the many channels of processing and distribution.


The challenges of shipping all over the world.

With their ever-growing business, Mooney Farms must be able to effectively accommodate whatever issues might arise in their distribution process. Over the past 25 years,


advances in technology and variation in barcode compliance requirements have challenged Mooney Farms to be on the cutting edge of distribution technology, meeting problems head on to continue providing the world with their product.

Mooney Farms ships to different warehouses and distributors all over the world, each with their own special...

label printing for shipping and receiving

One of Mooney Farms new facilities in Chico, California. The landscaping features some of their 200 year old olive trees, a testament to their longevity and family owned dependability.


needs and preferences regarding symbology usage. It is important to be able to print a variety of barcode symbologies and information that can be effectively scanned and is easy to read. With barcodes that are easy to scan, Mooney Farms can ensure that their product will be accurately distributed, shipped and reshipped by their clients.

IntelliTech’s IntelliBar printer offers a solution to barcode demands.

When it comes to effective data representation, Mooney Farms turns to the IntelliBar barcode printer to meet their barcode printing needs.

Ever since purchasing their first IntelliBar printer almost 15 years ago, the printers have produced material for about $500 million in sales without any signs of slowing down or compromising the quality of its labels. The most effective aspect of the IntelliBar printer is its ability to print labels with a variety of font sizes and styles, allowing Mooney Farms to not only print the most readable barcodes needed, but to add extra information in formats dictated by each distributor. The IntelliBar’s versatility helps Mooney Farms meet their challenges and produce desired results.

More barcode symbologies mean greater versatility.

The IntelliBar printer has guaranteed Mooney Farms’ ability to adapt to any sort of distributing demand as well as stream line the effectiveness of their data readability.

In comparison to the standard inkjet printers that the company was using prior to the purchase of an IntelliBar printer in the mid 90’s, the IntelliBar barcode printer from IntelliTech allows Mooney Farms to not only continue using text, but print more efficient labels for their barcodes as well. With the ability to communicate different types of data, Mooney Farms saves time and effort with the simpler, dependable and relevant technology of the IntelliBar printer.

"It’s hard to say there is a machine that you have been running everyday for about 15 years and it doesn’t have any problems whatsoever — it’s really difficult to find a machine like that. The IntelliBar printer seems like it will run forever."

-- Steve Mooney,
Partner Mooney Farms

Ultimately, the IntelliBar printer has eliminated the need for multiple label services. With the ability to handle a variety of barcode symbologies, Mooney Farms is able to produce the barcodes required to ship their products all over the world to any warehouse no matter the symbology. The ease of usability of the IntelliBar printer keeps the distributors and warehouses content and ensures that Mooney Farms can be as efficient as possible when sending out their product.