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IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g Networking Features Page

IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g HP PCL bar code label printers provide extensive multiprotocol wireless and hard-wired networking capabilities:

  • An integrated 802.11a/b/g wireless and 802.3 10/100BaseT thermal transfer bar code label printing solution.

  • Compatible with any Wi-Fi certified access points

  • Highest access point compatibility

  • 64-bit (40-bit compatible) and 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Print up to 90 meters (300') from your access point

  • Supports all major network operating systems

  • Easiest to set up and use with WindowsTM 98, ME, NT, 2000 & XP

  • Best MacintoshTM compatibility in industry

  • Comprehensive Unix/Linux support

  • Supports all major network operating systems: IPX, Direct Mode IPX/IP, TCP/IP, AppleTalk, NetBEUI, and DLC/LLC IP protocols for compatibility on virtually any network.

  • 10BaseT UTP Ethernet connector

  • Easiest to set up and use with WindowsTM 98, ME, NT, 2000 & XP

  • Best MacintoshTM compatibility in industry

  • Comprehensive Unix/Linux support

  • Compatible with Hewlett-Packard's JetAdmin and Web JetAdmin printer management software

  • Xadmin NetWare, TCP/IP, and VINES IP-compatible Windows 95/98/NT utility for easy setup of the print server

  • WebXAdmin capability for printer management via any browser

  • Remote console accessible via TELNET, NetWare, DEC NCP/NCL, or Web Xadmin

  • SNMP support over IP and IPX

  • lpd-Plus feature for controlling job setup and reset

  • FCC Class B and CE approvals

  • Flash memory for easy firmware updates

Certified Wireless Connectivity

IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers:

  • Support Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) operation with automatic selection of 1, 2, 5.5, 11 and 54 Mbps speeds depending on environmental conditions and protocol used.

  • Handle Open System or optional Shared Key support (shared key is available only to systems with encryption capability)

  • Support normal or 802.11 WEP encryption (40-bit, 64-bit and 128-bit) modes, WPA, WPA2, LEAP, PEAP, TLS, and TTLS.

Connect From Anywhere

With the embedded IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g advanced print server, multiple users can print simultaneously from the following connected to their computer:

  • TCP/IP

  • NetWare®

  • Windows® NT/2000/XP

  • Windows 95 Peer-to-Peer

  • AppleTalk®

  • LAN Server/Warp Server®

  • LAN Manager


In addition, IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers include innovative PrintraNetTM software that allows you to print from a Windows 95/98/NT computer to an IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printer from anywhere in the world!

New PrintaNet features include direct printing of E-mail messages and an address book for simultaneously sending documents to multiple remote printers.

Windows Printing Support

IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers provide extensive Windows NT support including:

  • NetBEUI

  • NetBIOS/IP

  • SMB

  • lpr/lpd

  • Direct Mode IP/IPX

  • DLC/LLC protocol support

  • …plus WINS and DHCP IP address management

IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers also support full Novell Directory Services (NDS) capabilities, including both Queue Server and Remote Printer modes.

Unix Printing Support

All IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers support a sophisticated command-line oriented console for configuration and management. This console contains features that are not available through Xadmin or WebXAdmin, including sophisticated diagnostic capabilities. The print server console can be accessed via TELNET, DEC NCP/NCL/ccr, and Xconfg NetWare utility. The console is also available through a web browser using the WebXAdmin utility. The general configuration procedure is the same regardless of which method is used.

Macintosh® Printing Support

IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers provide the most complete AppleTalk support of any wireless printer in the industry. Of course, IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers work with the Apple® Airport® Card and Base Station. But unlike their competitors, they support printing binary PostScript jobs with the HP Tagged Binary Communications Protocol. In fact, IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers are the only widely available 802.11 a/b/g printers that support complex graphic design applications.

Easy to Manage

IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers have several options that provide very easy remote configuration, management and monitoring. The embedded IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g print server is the easiest 802.11 a/b/g print server to set up because of its unique WP-Admin utility. WP-Admin is a Windows and Macintosh-compatible utility that automatically finds and configures the available IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers in the area. WP-Admin configures 802.11 a/b/g parameters like the SSID network name and the WEP encryption key, and provides enabling DHCP or setting IP address parameters manually.

Once it is initially set up, the embedded IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g print server is among the easiest print servers to configure and monitor because of its compatibility with Hewlett-Packard's JetAdmin® and Xadmin® Windows-based utilities.

IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers can also be managed over the Internet using a standard web browser with Web Xadmin® and HP's Web JetAdmin® network management utilities. For international users Web Xadmin has English, German, French, and Dutch multilingual capabilities as standard features. IntelliBar Net10 printers are exceptionally easy to configure and monitor thanks to powerful network management software utilities. Compatible utilities include:

  • Xadmin-16 for Windows 3.XX/95/98, a 16-bit version for NetWare and Banyan VINES

  • Xadmin-32 for Windows NT/2000/XP, a 32-bit version for TCP/IP or IPX/SPX protocols

  • WP-Admin for Internet configuration and monitoring with a standard web browser on any operating system that supports web browser capabilities (Mac, Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.)

  • HP Web JetAdmin® utilities for Windows NT Advanced Server/2000/XP Professional, Red Hat Linux7.3, SuSE Linux 7.3, Novell Client 4.83 on Windows 2000/NT/XP Pro, Internet Explorer 6.0 (requires JVM installed)

  • A sophisticated remote console accessible via Xconfig, TELNET, NetWare, or DEC NCP/NCL is also available for more sophisticated diagnostics and configuration.
  • TFTPD.exe, a stand-alone tftp server used for upgrading firmware.
  • SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol MIB I and II for compatibility with most popular network management systems.

    In addition to a web browser interface, IntelliTech International can provide custom utilities in C++ for Windows, or Java utilities for use with any operating system. A console accessible via TELNET, NetWare or DEC NCP/NCL is available for more sophisticated diagnostics and configuration. IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers are also compatible with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for compatibility with most popular network management systems. In addition to supporting SNMP MIB's I & II, IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers have a proprietary MIB for providing complete customization and monitoring.

    Secure Wireless Data Transfer

    IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers have strong Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encoding with choices of 128-bit, 64-bit (also compatible with 40-bit), or no encoding for wireless data transfer. WEP offers similar protection from unauthorized access in a radio network as would be expected in a wired LAN. In particular, radio data with 40 bit encoding (WEP64) or 104 bit encoding (WEP128) are transmitted. The remaining 14 bits can be used for authentication. With WEP as well as access control lists and further Document Security functions of IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g printers, you can be sure your data is safe.

    Update Firmware Over the Network

    IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g firmware is stored in flash memory that can be easily updated over the network when required. Unlike many other print servers, the firmware can be upgraded through NetWare, TCP/IP, DEC MOP or Banyan VINES. In addition, NetWare and VINES users can download to multiple IntelliBar Net11 a/b/g wireless print servers simultaneously, thereby substantially shortening the upgrade procedure.