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IntelliTech Background

IntelliTech International, Inc. began as the Automatic Identification Division of NEC Technologies, USA in 1992 as an offshoot of the NEC printer division. The business vision was to develop a high performance, open-source bar code label printer that used an industry standard printer command language. The IntelliBar® PCL thermal barcode label printer was the product of that vision.

In January 1996 IntelliTech International, Inc. was created through a management buyout of the NEC Auto ID division and continued to perpetuate the open-source PCL vision. IntelliTech is now celebrating years as the industry leader in open source bar code label printing, serving its customers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

IntelliTech International, Inc. relocated it's headquarters to Devens, MA in 2019.

About IntelliTech International

IntelliTech International helps companies reduce costs and improve performance through advanced cohesive label printing solutions composed of open-source PCL IntelliBar printers, labeling software and standard and customized label media along with professional integration and support services. We provide label printing solutions encompassing the routine to the most demanding and specialized situations. IntelliTech is customer oriented and our highest priority is satisfying your needs. We partner with you to deliver comprehensive pre-sales integration and guidance, fast delivery of quality products and post-sales service and support.

Our overriding objective is to establish a mutually rewarding relationship with you. We will satisfy your initial requirement to get you up and running quickly and we will support your ongoing long term needs. Give us call us at (978) 212-7200x204 or contact us online to discuss your project. We look forward to working with you.

About IntelliTech Label Printing Solutions

IntelliTech provides innovative high performance label printing solutions that deliver superior value to our customers. We can help you solve your most complex labeling problems. We understand that the acquisition cost of an information product is only the initial component of the total cost of ownership. Our open-systems label printers provide advanced computer systems connectivity and broad software compatibility along with ease of use that deliver the lowest total ownership cost.

IntelliBar printers use the industry standard HP PCL printing language, which provides low cost, low effort integration into any computer system, especially legacy systems where legacy software cannot be readily modified.

IntelliBar printers reduce life-cycle costs by eliminating costly integrating software and services.

  • No customized printer drivers
  • No custom software development and maintenance
  • No dedicated middleware software applications
  • No dedicated custom systems integration
  • No OS upgrade obsolesce or reengineering

About Our Customers

Throughout the world, a wide variety of large and small businesses, industries and governments rely daily on IntelliTech label printing solutions for their mission critical labeling requirements:

  • Agriculture – Crop Management, Retail Packaging
  • Automotive – Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Distribution – Logistics, Retail, Wholesale
  • Entertainment – Casinos, Ski Resorts, Time Shares
  • Foodservice – Catering, Prepared Meals, Packaged Foods
  • Governments – Federal, State, Municipal, City, Police Departments
  • Manufacturing – Discrete Components, Continuous Process, Heavy Equipment, Software, Electronic Assembly
  • Medical – Clinics, Hospitals and Managed Health Care; Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution; Pharmacies, Medical and Bio Medical Research
  • Energy – Oil exploration, Refining, Distribution

If your legacy system can print to a LaserJet® it can print to an IntelliBar. It is as easy as that.

Give us call us at (978) 212-7200x204 or contact us online to discuss your project. We look forward to working with you.

IntelliBar® is a registered trademark of IntelliTech International, Inc.