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Intellitech University

Welcome to Intellitech University

IntelliTech University is an introduction to thermal bar code label printing fundamentals.

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Bar Code 101
Presents basic bar code facts along with examples of popular bar codes and links to industry associations that govern bar code standards.

Thermal Print Methods
Explains the differences and relative merits of direct thermal and thermal transfer printing.

Thermal Printing Considerations
Highlights important facts to consider when choosing a specific type of label, ribbon and print method.

Thermal Label & Media Selection
Addresses more specific considerations about label or tag selection.

Thermal Ribbon Selection
Provides details about the various types of thermal ribbons and considerations for their use.

PCL Printing Resources
InformationĀ for users of the Hewlett Packard printer control language, HP PCL5, in conjunction with IntelliBar bar code label printers.

IPDS/AFP Resources
Provides links to IPDS and AFP resourcesĀ for IBM mid-range printing with the IntelliBar bar code label printers

UNIX Printing Resources
Provides links to UNIX printing resources that are helpful when printing to IntelliBar bar code label printers.

IntelliBar Net100 Resources
Detailed information on IntelliBar 10/100 Network Printers.

IntelliBar Net11 Resources
Detailed information on IntelliBar 802.11 Wireless Printers.

SAP Resources
Printing bar code labels in an SAP R/3 system is achieved with a Standard Series IntelliBar bar code label printer using an IntelliBar SAP HP PCL Device Type