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Print barcode labels for automating manufacturing processes

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Barcode Label Solutions for Manufacturing

Utilizing barcode label solutions for manufacturing optimizes the many processes involved in manufacturing and delivering your product:


Receiving raw material
Rapidly and accurately log materials received using a barcode solution. Either the received material is compliance labeled by the vendor or the receiving department applies a bar code label to the material.

Raw material inventory
The received item is transferred to an inventory location. The raw material bar code and the warehouse storage location bar code are scanned to identify where the material is stored.

Raw material picking
When material is need for manufacturing, a pick order is issued to direct the pick operator to the storage location of the desired material. The stocking location bar code and the material bar code arre scanned to record its removal from the warehouse location.

Production line/Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking
When the raw materials are delivered to the production line, the WIP location bar code and the material bar code are scanned to register the material into the production process. The process is repeated as the material progresses through production. Value added processes, represented by bar codes and the material bar code are scanned to account for the work done. As material is used in the WIP process the sub components are accounted for by scanning its bar code and as subassemblies are finished new bar code labels are created to identify and track the subassemblies

Product identification
A bar code label is used to identify the finished product, such as a device rating label (DRL) or a serial number label.

Finished product packaging
A bar code label is used to identify the finished product in its individual packaging and a separate bar code label is used to identify multi packs of finished goods in a shipping container.

Finished product tracking
The finished product bar code and the finished product warehouse storage location bar code are scanned to identify where the product is stored.

Finished goods picking
Once a customer order is received for a finished product, warehouse staff locate and pick the finished product by scanning the warehouse location and the product, thereby relieving the warehouse of the inventory and facilitating rapid order fulfillment.

A finished and packaged product bar code is scanned in the shipping department to register the shipment and track inventory quantity change. When multiple packages are palletized and shrink-wrapped, a larger barcode label is applied to the pallet.

Plant asset tracking
Asset bar codes are used to rack valuable equipment and assets, which increases utilization of high cost investments, assigns costs to user departments, avoids business disruption from misplaced equipment, reduces unneeded replacement costs from duplicating purchases of lost equipment and tracks depreciation.

Tool crib control
Tool bar codes are used to check tools out and in to the tool crib, track tools by borrower and work location and manage inventory of items that are consumed and need to be replaced.


IntelliTech manufacturing barcode label solutions deliver economical, reliable and long-lasting solutions for manufacturing requirements. Thermal transfer printers are the bar code printer of choice for fast and durable on-demand label printing. Thermal printers use a wide variety of label face stocks and adhesives for specific manufacturing applications: carton labels, part/subassembly labels, warehouse rack and shelf labels, WIP bin/tote/cart labels, finished product labels and packaging/shipping labels. Specialty inked ribbons matched to paper and synthetic face stocks provide the best print image for each manufacturing application.

Direct thermal print solutions are slightly less expensive, but also less durable in challenging environments. Thermal transfer print solutions generate long-lasting crisp images that can be relied on in even the toughest manufacturing situation

IntelliBar barcode label printers offer long term durability, performance and value for manufacturing label solutions:

  • HP PCL5 printer command language makes system integration simple.
    Unlike other printers that use proprietary print command language, IntelliBar printers use of the world-wide standard HP PCL command language means that no specialized printer drivers, custom integration software programming or middleware in needed, which reduces lifetime ownership costs.
  • 300 x 300 dpi print resolution
  • Fast printing speeds, up to 12 ips.
  • Scalable resident fonts and bar codes.
  • 24/7 duty cycles for use in challenging industrial environments.
  • Work across all OS platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and others.
  • Accommodate labels of varying sizes from 1/2" up to 8.66" and use a broad range of media types for a spectrum of manufacturing labeling requirements.
  • Contact IntelliTech International and let our solution specialists assist you with your manufacturing barcode label solutions.