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Construction Equipment

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Tracking Construction Equipment
with Barcode Labels

Originally developed to automate the grocery store checkout process, labeling with barcodes is today one of the most widely-used technologies in businesses and industries around the world. The use for barcodes is virtually limitless; that’s because a barcode labeling solution is efficient, economical, accurate and easily implemented. If an item can be tagged or labeled, it can be bar-coded.

A valuable application is in construction equipment tracking barcode labels. A barcode label solution makes sense in the construction sector for these reasons:

Reduce losses
Everyday, hundreds if not thousands of pieces of equipment are used during construction projects. Keeping track of tools is a difficult process, made more so when they are moved from one project site to another. Construction equipment tracking barcode labels makes it easy to manage equipment inventory. Losses resulting from misplaced items or theft are reduced significantly with a barcode labeling solution.

Enhance employee accountability 
Application of barcode labels to tools and other construction equipment encourages your employees to be more responsible for the tools they use on the project – and it reduces the temptation to steal your equipment. Tools can be marked with a unique identifying barcode label. That label is then scanned by a supervisor when the worker takes the tool for a project. The supervisor then can track what tools are with what employee and verify those tools are returned properly.

Manage large equipment assets
Large construction equipment such as backhoes, heavy trucks, or graders cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and are often left unattended at construction sites because of the difficulty of moving them back and forth from company yard to job site. Barcoding such equipment makes it easy to keep track of these valuable assets so you know at which project they are being deployed. Your auditing process also is made easier when every tangible material asset has a barcode.

Manage maintenance schedule
Many construction materials have moving parts and need regularly scheduled maintenance. Barcodes enable you to encode maintenance records and schedules directly into the barcode so you keep construction equipment in good operating condition at all times and avoid unnecessary and expensive repair.


Build a better construction business with a barcode label solution. Contact IntelliTech International and let our solution specialists assist you with your construction equipment labeling solutions.