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Food Packaging

Print barcode labels for food processing and packaging

Lufthansa Sky Chefs use IntelliBar printers to label thousands of meals daily.

See how Mooney Farms uses IntelliBar Label Printers to distribute their sun-dried tomatoes around the world.

Food Barcode Labeling Applications

Barcodes labels have proven to be one of the most effective tools for enhancing the efficiency of food processing and packaging. Whether it’s airline meal trays, jars of tomato sauce, or frozen meat products, barcode labeling is an essential industry ingredient.

Food safety is a mission-critical task for food suppliers, the ability to trace goods from point of origin to the end consumer is one of the most important benefits of barcode labeling. Barcodes help get perishable goods moved quickly through the supply chain and assist in keeping non-perishables stocked and tracked more efficiently. Barcode labels also improve logistical, warehousing and inventory control processes, creating greater efficiencies and tighter quality control.

There are two general types of food barcode labels: preprinted labels or print-on-demand labels. Preprinted bar code labels are mass produced either with the barcode as a component of a container label, such as label that is applied to a can or jar, or they are incorporated into the preprinted package itself such as a milk carton of cereal box. Print-on-demand food barcode labels are printed one at a time, whether for a unique individual item or for identifying a shipping container of food products.

Print-on-demand food labels may be direct thermal labels for products that have short self-lives, such as deli, bakery, fish or meat department items. Or, they may be thermal transfer labels for products that are non-perishable or perishable products that are stored in extreme environments such as cold storage or frozen foods.

Print-on-Demand Food Barcode Label Solution

IntelliBar barcode label printers deliver an economical, reliable and long-lasting solution for food packaging requirements:

  • Durable design for 24/7 duty cycle in challenging industrial environments.
  • System integration is quick and easy. Unlike other label printers that use proprietary printer command languages, IntelliBar printers use the HP PCL printer command language. They require no specialized printer drivers, custom integration software programming or middleware, which significantly reduces total lifetime ownership costs.
  • Setup and operation is easy because of two-line display plain language status readouts.
  • Work across all OS platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and others.
  • Print either direct thermal labels or thermal transfer labels.
  • Accommodate labels of varying sizes and media types; accept fan-fold or roll-fed labels.
  • Loading ribbon and labels is simple and quick.

Contact IntelliTech International and let our solution specialists assist you with your food barcode label solutions.