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Print Barcodes on Recreation Labels, tags and tickets



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Recreation Industry Barcode Printing

Originally developed to automate the grocery store checkout process, labeling with barcodes is one of the most widely-used technologies today. It is economical, efficient, accurate and easily implemented. That’s why bar code printing is an ideal solution for printing recreation industry indoor and outdoor labels, tags and tickets.

Here are some great applications for barcode labels in the recreation industry:

Public Parks and Recreation Facilities
Increasing numbers of municipalities around the country have turned to recreation barcode label printing to automate client entry, booking and registration systems. Implementing a barcode label solution improves customer satisfaction, since it’s easy for citizens to sign up for city-sponsored recreation events, such as family park days or public pool swimming lessons. Furthermore, barcodes improve the security of transactions when people do sign up for activities, and they prevent unwanted trespassers at sponsored city events where, for example, children are the focus.

Event Ticketing
The addition of barcodes to event tickets means a more secure and efficient concert or sports event. Barcode labels improve the operational efficiency of events, making it easier for event workers to process large numbers of paying guests through a limited number of entry portals. And perhaps more importantly, barcode ticket labels prevent multiple entries caused by photocopied tickets. Once a barcode is scanned and recorded at the event entry point, it cannot be reproduced or reused. And because barcodes are easily customized, they can be encoded to include seat locations and other pertinent information.

Outdoor Products 
Tents, bicycles, climbing gear, ski equipment and other items used outside usually are tagged or labeled for inventory purposes before their purchase. But such tags or labels must be durable when the product is sold for its ultimate outdoor use. A reliable and durable recreation barcode label allows easy identification of the product, should it need to be returned for repair or replacement at some future point.


Thermal transfer printers are the bar code printer of choice for fast and durable on-demand barcode printing.  Thermal printers use a wide variety of label, tag or ticket media.  Specialty inked ribbons matched to paper and synthetic face stocks provide the best print image for each manufacturing application.  Thermal transfer print solutions generate long-lasting crisp images that can be relied on in even the toughest recreation industry barcoding situation.

IntelliTech International delivers economical, reliable and long-lasting solutions for recreation industry barcode requirements base on its IntelliBar barcode printers.  IntelliBar printers offer long term durability, performance and value for recreation industry barcode solutions:

  • HP PCL5 printer command language makes system integration simple.
    Unlike other printers that use proprietary print command language, IntelliBar printers use of the world-wide standard HP PCL command language means that no specialized printer drivers, custom integration software programming or middleware in needed, which reduces lifetime ownership costs.
  • 300 x 300 dpi print resolution
  • Fast printing speeds, up to 12 ips.
  • Scalable resident fonts and bar codes.
  • 24/7 duty cycles for use in challenging industrial environments.
  • Work across all OS platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and others.
  • Accommodate labels of varying sizes from 1/2" up to 8.66" and use a broad range of media types for a spectrum of manufacturing labeling requirements.

Contact IntelliTech International and let our solution specialists assist you with your recreation barcode solutions.