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Shipping and Receiving

Your shipping and receiving functions touch many other points in your business. To improve your bottom line, you should be able to mark, track and locate every item that enters and leaves your doors, whether it is equipment for internal use or raw materials needed for building a finished product. Barcodes are customizable, so you can include lot numbers, locations, date codes, package configurations or whatever data you need to accurately log and manage your inventory. That’s why shipping and receiving with barcodes enhances your entire operation:


  • Rapidly and accurately log goods and materials received using a barcode solution. Either the received material is compliance-labeled by the vendor or your receiving department applies a barcode label to the item.
  • The material is transferred to a warehouse location identified by a storage location barcode.
  • Labor savings are achieved because receiving clerks simply scan items as they are received, rather than manually check them in. Once the item is scanned, receipt is confirmed against a purchase order and the inventory quantity of that item automatically debited, improving inventory accuracy.
  • Material loss due to misplaced items is reduced with a barcode label solution. When each received item has its own unique barcode identifier, it can be readily tracked and properly warehoused.


  • When an order is received, the shipping clerk rapidly verifies that the right product was picked from the right warehouse bin by simply scanning the barcode printed on both the pick ticket and the bin. Orders go out faster with fewer shipping errors.
  • Barcodes can be encoded with important shipping information like tracking numbers and delivery addresses.
  • Shipped items are automatically relieved from inventory enabling better inventory reorder decisions.
  • Barcode labeling solutions achieve the significant benefits of speed and accuracy in receiving and shipping operations.

Shipping & Receiving Label Solution

IntelliBar barcode label printers provide an economical, reliable and long-lasting asset tracking solution:
  • Durable design for 24/7 duty cycle in challenging industrial environments.
  • System integration is quick and easy.
    Unlike other label printers that use proprietary printer command languages, IntelliBar printers use the HP PCL printer command language. They require no specialized printer drivers, custom integration software programming or middleware, which significantly reduces total lifetime ownership costs.
  • Setup and operation is easy because of two-line display plain language status readouts.
  • Work across all OS platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and others.
  • Print either direct thermal labels or thermal transfer labels.
  • Accommodate labels of varying sizes and media types; accept fan-fold or roll-fed labels.
  • Loading ribbon and labels is simple and quick.

Contact IntelliTech International and let our solution specialists assist you with your receiving and shipping barcode solutions.