Lumber Mill Barcoded Kiln Tag - <250°

Lumber tags curling, turning color in the kiln? Barcodes distorted? Tags shrinking? Tags faling off? That won't happen with this custom kiln tag & correct ribbon. To get the best price on custom tags or labels, the higher the volume produced at one time, the lower the cost per thousand (M) of tags. Combine all your mills bi-annual or annual volume to get the lowest price.

Ever run tagged lumber through a 200+ degree hot kiln and find your tag curled, distorted or burnt off to a crisp? And you've invested in thousands of these tags? How high did your own temperature rise?

With IntelliTech's proven custom tag made for this particular application, the synthetic printed/barcode tag withstands the high kiln temperature without any distortion of the tag or scannability of the barcode whatsoever.

Lumber production is a complex process where green timber is sawn, dried and processed. The natural air-drying of lumber can be a long process, so often times lumber will be kiln-dried to expedite the process. The temperature of the kiln can get over 200°F.

To keep track of bundles of lumber, tags are stapled onto a pack at a Green end Stacker. The packs are then loaded into the kilns where the temperature can get over 200°. The tagged lumber will be in these temperatures for a minimum of 12 hours and up to 36 hours depending on the kiln that it's in and the product dimension. Once the lumber is dried, it's taken to the Planer to be dressed into a finished product, where the tag will be taken off and counted by an inventory management system.

It takes a special, durable tag to withstand these high temperatures for these lengths of time. As one of IntelliTech's many custom label/tag solutions, IntelliTech offers a proven two-sided matte, mineral re-enforced synthetic finish that has an excellent combination of strength, rigidity and moisture. The tag contains a left-side notch for sensing the gap on thermal transfer label printers, however, a new tag can be designed with a right notch or on both sides. Determination of the location of the notch depends on the location of your label sensors on your particular thermal transfer label printer.

Yes, we have the GoDEX thermal transfer printers and the appropriate IntelliTech ribbon as well to provide you.

The most cost-effective way to get the best price on custom kiln tags is to combine all your mills average monthly usage (AMU) together (say for 6 months) and produce the total volume in one production. Each mill location submits their purchase order at the same time after providing their 6-month forecasted usage, a quote is calculated on the aggregate volume and each location is provided their respective quote - with all mill's sharing the same unit cost. Once ALL PO's are submitted to IntelliTech, the entire order is submitted, produced and drop shipped to each mill's location.

Going the extra step:

One definite way we differentiate our services from anyone else is we help you keep track of your tag inventory by checking with you every month. When we see you getting low and note what the lead time is at that time, we will notify you it's time to place your next aggregate order. Our current mills are appreciative of this customer service because of their busy schedules.

***Due to covid, the average lead time for production is about 10 weeks. When times get better, the average lead time is 15 days.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

We have a number of large lumber mills currently using this synthetic kiln tag that stapled to a bundle of wood can withstand reported kiln heat temperatures of 250 degrees. It actually can be printed on both sides if needed.

The notches on this version are on the left, however, notches can be added to both sides or on the right.

They come out of the kiln the same way they go in.

Pristine - no curling - no distortion to the barcodes or text. There is a perforation between each label for easy tearing.

Sold directly to mills only. If a mill would like to test some samples, just Contact us on the contact form. We can provide you with preprinted labels to expose in every environment they're to be exposed to in your application.

Need a thermal transfer printer and the appropriate thermal transfer ribbon, too. We have them. Let us know.

Label #400-ZZ-129009

To request samples of this lumber tag for testing at your lumber mill environment, contact us.

Due to the perplexity and process of custom labels, IntelliTech works directly with the mill end user requiring the label solution - no third parties or resellers