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Then and Now.....

IntelliTech International, Inc. began as the Automatic Identification Division of NEC Technologies, USA in 1992 as an offshoot of the NEC printer division. The business vision was to develop a high performance, open-source bar code label printer that used an industry standard printer command language. The IntelliBar PCL thermal barcode label printer was the product of that vision - the first being now legacy IntelliBar M Series printers and are still fully serviced and supported by IntelliTech to its many customers.

In January 1996 IntelliTech International, Inc. was created through a management buyout of the NEC Auto ID division and continued to perpetuate the open-source PCL vision. In 2013, the open-source PCL product evolved into its next series, the Mi Series printer product line for more than a decade, now being discontinued once printer inventory is exhausted but will also continue to be fully serviced and supported by IntelliTech as parts exist. The Mi46 print head is EOL, however, Mi410 is still available.

In 2022, IntelliTech transitioned to offer the GoDEX and select Microplex product line to expand IntelliTech's product line that ranges from Desktop and low to mid-range Industrial and Mobile printers as well as Scanners, and Internal and External Rewinders to provide a broader range of IntelliTech label printing solutions. In addition, IntelliTech continues providing stock and its custom labels and IntelliTech ribbon solutions.

IntelliTech International, Inc., has been in business over 26 years, providing solutions directly to end user customers domestically and internationally.

IntelliTech International, Inc. relocated its headquarters to Devens, Massachusetts, in December 2019.